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Throat Singing in a Brick Beehive Kiln

January 26, 2023

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Thursday brings back a special treat from years ago..... Don Hill returns alongside Anne Hill to present an evening of Throat Singing in the Kiln. This event sparked so much of what we do today at TOPFEST that we had to bring these superstars back again!In this introductory workshop, you will hear and learn how Tibetan monks, Gregorian chanters, and Mongolian overtone singers create powerful healing music. Workshop leader Don Hill will demonstrate and teach the basic techniques of "overtone harmonics," the foundation of much meditative and restorative music. Using bells & gongs in the unique acoustic space of Medalta's beehive kiln, Don will tune your ear and train your voice. You will gain a new perspective and appreciation of unusual vocal traditions and much other sacred choral music from around the world. And you'll have a lot of fun, too! All Kiln shows are $25 each.

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