2021 Tongue on the Post: Day 5

January 29, 2021

Pay What You Can

Connie Jean and Jenny Allen are the perfect pair of individual artists to close out the week of Kiln sessions here at Tongue on the Post!

Connie Jean is a true country Gal with a sound that takes you away to another place. Connie has been a musician for many years now, playing in groups and solo performances. Connie can often be found playing around town with her partner Doug backing her up. Connie has also been a very valuable member of the Medicine Hat Folk Music Club for the past 3 years where continues to lend a musician’s perspective on tasks and events such as this one. Jenny Allen is an Artist that we just love to have back, as Jenny has performed for us a few times now.

Jenny’s thought-provoking lyrics paired with her beautiful voice and amazing musicianship will have you travelling down memory lane while smiling from ear to ear. Her accomplishments are too many to mention, but we can promise that you will not be disappointed with what Jenny brings to the stage!

Pay What You Can
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